New - Tasmanian Pate

Salmon spread - 155g

$4.00 each
Save $1.00

One of our most loved products at Salamanca market is now available online. Perfect for any gathering from Sunday brunch to a quiet night in with friends. Serve with your favorite vegetables, chips, crackers, bread or even bagels. Basically if you like smoked salmon you will love this spread.

About Woodbridge Smokehouse

Eyjpzci6ijg0mjljztm3mdcwnzq3yjq4otvhyjuxzju5mte5ngrhlnbuzyisinn0b3jhz2uioijwdwjsawnfc3rvcmuifq?signature=4c4b522b3926302e260e83ffecc5e6f98e34b12d9915d4a6cbe0d7e755b519b5 Developed to meet the demands of discerning connoisseurs, Woodbridge Smokehouse produces some of the finest smoked seafood anywhere in the world. Traditionally-smoked Ocean Trout and Atlantic Salmon – so delicate they practically melt on your tongue. (Website)

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New Tasmanian Pate Now Available