Woodbridge Smokehouse

    Cold Smoked Ocean Trout Whole Side Fillet (halved and sliced)

    $100.00 each

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    Ocean Trout, for Dinner Parties, and Picnics, our award winning signature product. Prepared the ‘Woodbridge Way' smoked with our Organic Apple wood chips, specifically Royal Gala, Fuji and Golden Delicious.

    COLD SMOKING involves smoking the fish, (once it has been dried) with controlled smoke at max 30 degrees C, this imparts the smoke flavour which is particularly mild with the hard woods and apple wood chips I use. The process gives a pronounced smoke flavour due to the long time (24hrs) in the oven.

    Our HAND SLICED whole side comprises of about 50-55 single 2mm thick slices starting at the tail. My wonderful smokehouse team, the Queen and Princess of slicing place the slices back on to skin in order. The side is vacuum sealed.

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